Luis-Manuel Lambrechts (BE, 1992) is a Belgian based artist, illustrator and curator. He studied illustration & comic design at LUCA school of arts in Brussels. After he finished his Master degree in 2016, he moved to Barcelona to become a freelance illustrator. Today he lives and works in Leuven, Belgium. Luis-Manuel is known for his narrative and figurative work. His Peruvian roots, nature, personal experiences, cultures and religions, simple things in life, etc. all lead to handpainted drawings with hidden fragments of his own life mixed with fiction. He expresses himself through dreamy, almost surreal landscapes filled with characters who live their own life but at the same time are all part of something bigger. Luis-Manuel tends to create small worlds where he can see himself wander and travel. He describes his work as a bit clumsy but controlled, colorful and happy but with a pinch of darkness and sadness. Escapism, hedonism, humor and melancholy are themes that are always present in his work.

His work has been shown in various groupshows and has been used for campaigns for clients such as Bombay Sapphire, Wasserman, Unesco, Unicef, Quick Belgium, LEVIS paint, etc.

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